Albert Einstein
over and expecting different results.”
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and

Why ChangeXChange Consulting?

Is your team performing at their peak?

We can establish a baseline of current performance, identify issues and provide solutions – this improves performance and team dynamics and ultimately productivity and profit.

Are you experiencing high staff turnover?

One of the ironies of staff turnover or ‘churn’, is that we often lose the people we wanted to keep, the ones that we saw as the future of the business. We place ourselves in a never-ending spiral of advertising, recruiting, training and the associated cost. Then they leave-taking the knowledge and training with them.

With our process of securing your best staff by identifying career options and planning for succession, there is a sizeable reduction and the long term cost associated with the recruitment cycle.  

Are your costs high and profits reducing?

We can isolate your processes, identifying where your issues are, we are able to plan for a reduction by identifying any issues and reducing costs; improving profits and cash flow to the business.

A few things about ChangeXChange Consulting…


Over 25 years of business experience across many disciplines, including Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance and Education. We have transformed many business plans, Vision statements, teams, individuals and processes to develop a strong and achievable position to springboard towards the ultimate vision.


We do not offer a one size fits all approach, each program is carefully adapted to achieve your goals. Every person, team, and business.


We focus on the individuals and teams to ensure improved performance and buy into your vision.

A few of our core features


It is important to develop an understanding of ‘where you are now’ and where you want to be, once we have that in place we can start to plan the journey to achieve the required goal(s).

Many of our techniques are a mix of traditional coaching and mentoring but updated to include cutting edge techniques – giving a hybrid technique that has amazing results with both individuals and businesses alike.

We have honed our skills in small, medium and corporate business and have many core techniques that can be adapted to suit the individual or business challenges.

Our services focus on people in the following areas;

Your Business

Your Career

Your Life